About STP

​How We Do It

Highly skilled people, following a proven approach and using the best materials has been the recipe for success for thousands of years. We use the same ingredients to build world class IT systems. 

Our People Are the Best of the Best 

Given that a company is only as good as its people, STP hires the best of the best. We seek out talent from all industries and all walks of life and in doing so, we have created a broad capability that is essential to producing services that deliver all aspects of our customers’ missions. Our current employees have worked in 22 different industries, supported 40 different government agencies, and all 3 branches of the military. In our search for the top 1% of the talent pool, STP has hired employees who have originated from 27 different countries. Having a team of professionals with such varied backgrounds gives us the expertise and perspective we need to solve our customer’s biggest challenges.

We Keep Up with Technology and Innovation

In our world learning never stops. As new technology and processes emerge, we keep our skills well-honed with training that is tailored to our customers’ requirements. We are also not afraid of getting our hands dirty with the latest software, hardware, tools and techniques. Our people are passionate about trying different ways to improve the end product. 

We Use Time-Tested Methods 

We use our ingenuity to solve the most difficult problems, but we also adhere to processes that carefully guides us through the full life cycle of producing advanced IT systems. By using proven techniques, we reduce cost and schedule while improving quality. When better ways are discovered, we adopt those procedures as our own. Where we discover gaps in industry standard approaches, we fill them with orderly and efficient steps that are crafted using our hands-on experience.

We Choose Products That Best Meet Our Customers’ Needs 

Top chefs know that using the very best ingredients is the secret to producing culinary delights. Our engineers also understand that using the right products are the key to a successful IT implementation. However, the same product could be right for one customer, and wrong for another. This is why we carefully analyze the project landscape for technical, business and operational requirements and partner with our customers to determine the most suitable technical solution. We purposely remain product neutral as a means to keep the interests of our customers at the forefront of our decision making. In doing so, we have successfully created Commercial-Off-The-Shelf, open source, and custom developed solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.