About STP

​Where Have We Done It

Since the 1960’s, the IRS has heavily invested in information technology. Few countries spend as much annually on IT as the IRS does. Each year the IRS collects trillions of dollars in taxes processing hundreds of millions of returns. No business on the planet has a customer base as diverse as the IRS. No business on the planet maintains data about companies and individuals that is as sensitive as the IRS does. Their challenges are unique, immense and ever changing. 

At the IRS, STP is a go to company in overcoming their biggest hurdles. In the past 15 years, the IRS has invested in over 850,000 STP man hours to produce over $125,000,000 of IT services. STP’s accomplishments are visible throughout their entire enterprise. From the implementation of infrastructure shared services that are core to the collection of taxes, detecting fraud, and providing customer service to millions of users, to providing a safe environment for both customers and employees, and to saving millions of dollars by automating software deployments over thousands of servers, STP’s technical expertise is demonstrated everywhere at the IRS.