About STP

Who We Are

The 1998 Restructuring and Reform Act mandated that the IRS focus on serving the public. This paved the way for the IRS to modernize its antiquated IT systems, many of which were developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1999, the IRS created the Business Systems Modernization program and awarded CSC and its partners IBM, Unisys, Northrop Grumman, Lucent Technologies and KPMG with a massive contract to modernize the IRS. Knowing how important improving the tax system was, Congress allocated $8 billion dollars towards building new business applications and a new infrastructure, making the effort one of the largest civilian technology renovation programs ever to be undertaken. 

The new infrastructure would need to support billions of transactions each year from millions of taxpayers and tax preparers using any one of 100 business applications. Given the sensitive data and information the IRS collects and maintains about taxpayers, the IRS is a favorite hacking target for those who intend to do harm to the United States. The infrastructure would need to defend against any form of attack, while keeping the tax system up and running 365 days a year. 

Creating a Company Focused on Building Essential Large Scale Systems

In 1999, STP’s founders, Michael Fadely and Robert Goldberg were among the first people to join the IRS modernization effort. Coming from CSC’s commercial consulting division, both Michael and Robert were tasked with leading the implementation of the infrastructure’s shared services. While building these critical systems, Michael and Robert came to realize that no single company was specifically focused on the unique capabilities needed to construct large scale systems with data and information so sensitive that a breach could threaten a business’ future. In 2005, STP was formed to answer the need for such a business.

The IRS Trusts STP

STP quickly became a go to company to overcome IRS modernization challenges. By the end of CSC’s contract in 2015, STP was second only to CSC in the number of personnel supporting the massive infrastructure program. Given that we use the most accomplished professionals, the IRS continued to task STP with the agency’s priorities. When the IRS needed to implement in record time a massive IT system to execute its Affordable Care Act responsibilities, the IRS sought STP to lead the engineering effort. When the IRS needed to build an identity and access management system to support millions of users, once again, STP was asked to do so. Due to our talent and success, we continue to build next generation infrastructure and identity and access management services at the IRS. To date, we have provided over $125,000,000 of services towards the successful implementation of essential IRS systems. 

Fortune 500 Companies Seek STP for our Specialized Capability

Given our specialized talent in producing secure enterprise systems that adhere to strict federal regulatory requirements, the biggest and most capable technology companies in the world, such as IBM, CSC, CA Technologies, Unisys and Northrop Grumman chose STP when needing to solve their most challenging problems. They value a partner who knows what they are doing and can get the job done right the first time.