Our Culture

Our company culture is not a poster of slogans on the wall. Instead, it serves as the foundation of our mission and business operations. The six pillars of our company culture spell IT HERO and that is no accident. We work diligently on behalf of our customers and we do so with their best interests in mind. We use our powers for good and save projects from failure, delivering optimal results. These pillars guide our actions and sharpen our focus on building critical IT systems and serving our customers.

I = Important Work

At STP we build big, sophisticated, mission-critical systems – systems that businesses cannot do without. We create systems and transform aging infrastructure that safely and reliably serves millions of users every day; it is important work! Our work is challenging, but also rewarding. 

T = Transparent

We believe in helpful and timely feedback, authentic interactions, and being candid with one another. We share information to increase context and understanding, granting all of us the power to make decisions based on available facts and good judgement.  

H = Humble, But Confident

We are consistently strong performers. Our customers value our reliability and consistency. They count on us to deliver their systems on-time and on-budget. We are not afraid to tackle demanding work; we have the experience and track record to prove it. We know where to focus resources and how to monitor progress. We are professionals and we act accordingly. We are not cocky or arrogant – simply put, we are humble, but confident.

E = Ethical

From the time STP was founded we have been fully committed to compliance. We obey the law, and we are scrupulous about federal contract compliance and internal accounting controls. We do things the right way because in business it means something to be trusted, relied upon, and regarded as a dependable partner. Our commitment does not end with our customers, as it is equally important to do right by our employees. We treat each other fairly and with respect, we act with integrity and take personal accountability for our actions and the decisions we make.  

R = Real-Life Priorities

Our employees have the flexibility to put their families first. We all have to work and make a living, but our priority is family. If an employee needs to attend to a commitment outside of work, or an emergency occurs, we fully support them. We want our employees to have a healthy balance between work and home life. We provide remote work opportunities as often as possible and we trust our employees to complete their work and meet deadlines while also being engaged participants in their personal lives. 

O = Outstanding Customer Service

We do not exist without our customers. We work hard, assess needs, problem solve, and offer solutions. Every day we strive to be a valued partner to our customers. We want to surpass their expectations and do our part to ensure their success.