Candidate FAQs

You asked, we answered

Do you hire independent contractors or consultants?

We are proud to say, we only hire direct employees.  We offer all our full-time employees a market-competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits package.  

How will I be contacted if there is interest in my application and resume?

Our Recruiting Manager will contact you by phone. Make sure to include your preferred contact number in your online employment application.

What is the interview like?

To assess your skills and abilities, we use what we call "Technical Interviews.” We will ask you questions related to the technical skills and behaviors required to be successful in the role. Of course, specific questions will vary depending on the job. If you want to prepare for the interview familiarize yourself with our website, think of specific examples of when you have proven your skills and behaviors related to the role, but most importantly, think of outcomes. What have you achieved? What is an accomplishment you are most proud of? How have you overcome challenges? What are your career goals?

In which countries do you hire?

Currently, we operate exclusively in the United States and we hire employees located in the United States.

Does this IT opportunity require clearance?

The work we do for our customers is mission critical and sometimes requires a clearance. 

I am already cleared by a government agency; do I have to go through the process again?

Our customers may require a new investigation and clearance be performed upon acceptance of an employment offer.

How long does the clearance process take?

Generally, it takes four to six weeks to complete the clearance process. There are several steps in the process, so it is possible that delays will occur along the way. Providing complete and accurate information promptly upon request helps to keep the process moving forward. 

Does STP offer bonuses?

We award outstanding employees with discretionary bonuses based on individual performance, project performance, and company performance.

What are your benefit offerings? 

We offer a full suite of healthcare, financial, and flexible time away from work benefits. Visit the Benefits page to learn more!

Does STP match 401(k) contributions?

Yes, we match up to 4% of your savings. Happy saving!

How does Paid Time Off (PTO) work?

Each pay period, you will accrue paid time off hours for future use. You may use your accrued hours balance at your discretion with approval from your manager.

I have a vacation planned next month. Can I use PTO as soon as I am hired?

PTO is accrued each pay period; it is not provided as a single lump-sum. Please discuss your existing vacation plans with our Recruiting Manager immediately. 

Does STP provide floating holidays?

Yes, eligible employees are provided with up to two floating holidays per year. Date of hire and employee type affect floating holiday eligibility. You will be provided additional details upon offer of employment.

Do I have to report to work at the Arlington, VA headquarters?

No. Employees have worked remotely in 15 states and the District of Columbia. 

Does STP provide relocation benefits?

Because most of our work is done remotely and our work locations can be flexible, STP does not offer a relocation package.