Government Pricing​

STP has built enterprise systems for the government for over 15 years. We have successfully performed on over 100 task orders. When contracting directly with the federal government, our customers have always rated us as excellent in all five Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting (CPAR) system categories.

Quality - STP provided excellent systems engineering and technical services support – Federal Customer

Schedule - All of STP’s deliverables were delivered on schedule and STP did not request dates to be changed from what was originally accepted – Federal Customer

Cost Control – Instead of hiring additional full time subject matter experts to complete required project tasks, STP utilized experienced and cleared subject matter experts working on other STP engagements as needed. This reach back process was utilized often and proved to be extremely valuable for controlling costs and maintaining schedule. – Federal Customer

Management - As a partner, STP provided excellent project management support – Federal Customer

Regulatory Compliance - STP takes regulatory compliance very seriously and diligently adheres to all regulatory compliance requirements – Federal Customer

When working with the government, we add value by excelling in the following areas. 

Having Experience

Many government contractors win awards because they bid cheap entry level labor. The critical work that we do is not work the government would ever want performed by inexperienced personnel. STP uses only the most qualified and capable people who have in-depth experience in their areas of expertise. It is ultimately cheaper for the government to pay companies like STP who have the know how to get the job done right the first time. 

Delivering within Constraints

Each year the government is asked to do more with less. Governments cannot waste valuable funds covering cost overruns by irresponsible contractors. At STP, working within your constraints is our top priority. 

Being Flexible

Our customers’ business can change at a moment’s notice. Having a partner who is flexible is essential to achieving a successful outcome. Unlike many contractors who would take advantage of last minute requests, STP is willing to renegotiate contract terms to maintain a fair and equitable relationship. Also, because STP is a privately owned business and does not answer to outside pressures, STP can alter its operations to support your unique environment. We realize that we are only successful if you are.

Partnering with the Customer

No one knows its their business better than our customers. To build new enterprise capabilities, we engage stakeholders throughout the entire organization. We also encourage our customers to actively participate with all phases of the lifecycle, welcoming their knowledge, knowhow and feedback every step of the way. 

Responding Quickly

STP understands that the customer expects timely actions from its contractors. This is why we empower our people to make decisions, allowing them to respond to requests without lengthy internal escalations. We also foster an environment of transparency, where our people are open and honest with our customers, unafraid to quickly inform them of bad news while we aggressively work to solve the problem. 

Using Our Own Employees

STP uses its own employees to get the job done. We eliminate the unnecessary cost and risk of multi-tier pass through arrangements that provide no added value to the customer. 

Providing Thought Leadership

Given that we are not a staffing agency or a company that simply contracts our work to others, we believe it is our duty to provide our customers with ideas on how to better their enterprise. We actively look for ways to improve security, performance, stability, availability, usability, quality, cost, and delivery time.

For information on how we will build your enterprise IT system within your budget please contact our federal sales at For our federal, state, and local government buyers we offer contracting through our GSA Schedule. Click the link below to see our GSA schedule.