An IT Infrastructure is the backbone on which all IT services execute. Without the underlying hardware, networks, security, and other shared functions, applications are unable to deliver their services to their users. A poorly constructed infrastructure will ruin the applications that rely on it. Whether your infrastructure is hosted in a cloud environment or in your facility, careful engineering that tailors and tunes that infrastructure to your business requirements is essential to providing a dependable experience for your users. 

Very Few Companies Know How to Build the Foundation for an Enterprise

Many companies will claim that they can build IT infrastructure, but very few have the expertise and demonstrated success of doing so for an entire enterprise. Just as the military would never hire a company who builds fishing boats to build their aircraft carriers, you should never hire a company without the specialized expertise of producing large scale infrastructures. Knowing how to design, develop and deploy a system of systems that supports hundreds of business applications that serve hundreds of millions of users is a unique capability. 

We Built the Foundation for America’s Tax System

For the past 15 years, over 100 STP architects, engineers, developers and subject matter experts have designed, built and deployed the modernized IT infrastructure at the IRS that is essential to its mission of providing service to hundreds of millions of tax payers. Knowing how important the tax system is to the welfare of the United States, STP engineered the infrastructure to be secure, highly scalable and available 24/7. Also knowing that hundreds of IRS business systems would rely on the infrastructure, STP produced a standardized environment of shared services to reduce delivery time and costs. Given the massive size of the IRS enterprise and the enormous investment made to build and integrate the infrastructure, STP architected the IRS IT foundation to last for decades by designing a modular framework that allows it to adapt and evolve as technology changes. 

We Will Build Your Modernized Infrastructure

The best infrastructures are designed to withstand increases in demand, cyber attacks, and the ever evolving change in the business and technological landscape. At STP we know how to architect such an infrastructure and one that serves the needs of all of its stakeholders. For your customers we will construct a reliable, high performing, secure environment that is available 24/7. For your business applications we will provide shared services that they can execute to quickly deliver functionality and services. For your operations teams, we will make the infrastructure easy to maintain with built-in monitoring, reporting and auditing capabilities. STP will use its vast experience to build your IT foundation that is:

  • Secure at the end user, application, and network layers
  • Scalable without needing additional hardware
  • Available 99.999% of the time
  • Responsive within the timeframe that your users expect
  • Expansive to new technologies and unique business requirements
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Deployable within a cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premise environment
  • Vendor and product agnostic, giving you the freedom to change on your terms
  • Fast to integrate with new business applications
  • Affordable, allowing you to quickly reap the returns on your investment