An IT Infrastructure is the backbone on which all IT services execute. Without the underlying hardware, networks, security, and other shared functions, applications are unable to deliver its services to its users. A poorly constructed infrastructure will ruin the best applications that depend on it. Whether your infrastructure is hosted in a cloud environment or in your facility, careful engineering that tailors and tunes that infrastructure to your business requirements is essential to providing a dependable experience for your users. 

For the past 15 years, STP has designed, built and deployed the modernized IT infrastructure at the IRS that is essential to its mission of providing service to hundreds of millions of tax payers. Knowing how important the tax system is to the welfare of the United States, STP engineered the infrastructure to be secure, highly scalable and available 24/7. Also knowing that hundreds of IRS business systems would rely on the infrastructure, STP produced a standardized environment of shared services to reduce delivery time and costs. Given the massive size of the IRS enterprise and the enormous investment made to build and integrate the infrastructure, STP architected the infrastructure to last for decades by designing a modular framework that allows the infrastructure to adapt and evolve as technology changes.