Security is more than just setting up and monitoring firewalls. As business applications become more sophisticated, the opportunities for cyber criminals increase substantially. Some businesses were slow to protect their infrastructures against the rising threat of sophisticated intrusion techniques and sacrificed their users’ private information and their own competitive proprietary data. 

An adequate security system must incorporate a well-articulated and monitored security policy, real time intrusion detection and countermeasures, network and application firewalls, data and communication encryption, and audit collection and forensic analysis. However, relying solely on the security system for protection is a mistake. Understanding potential vulnerabilities and implementing a risk management framework is critical to maintaining and protecting your enterprise. Many cyber threats are mitigated by proper design of the business applications, the underlying infrastructure, and their ability to support timely patches and fixes.

STP Adds Security Into Everything We Produce

Every component in an IT implementation is a potential entry point for hackers to exploit. Building security into all layers, systems and subsystems is the key fundamental to protecting your business. Security is a cornerstone in everything we design, develop and maintain. At the IRS, we deployed defenses and counter measures in every system we produced. From encrypting data and communication channels to role-based access controls, to hardening operating systems and automating security patches, to collecting and analyzing audit trails, STP has expertise with security throughout the enterprise at every point in the lifecycle. 

Identity and Access Management

Many businesses are required to collect, process, and communicate sensitive data in order to perform their business functions. To gain customers’ trust, businesses must take all necessary measures to ensure their data is safe and secure. Preventing unauthorized access to the data is essential in establishing customer confidence. 

We Built the IRS’ Identity and Access Management System 

For over fifteen years, STP has built identity and access management systems that keep bad actors out, while allowing authorized users in. Since 2005, the IRS, who maintains the most sensitive data about hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses, has entrusted STP to produce systems that secure access to that data. One such system that STP built for the IRS is the NIST compliant, multi-factor authentication, identity and access management system that provides taxpayers and tax preparers with secure access to a suite of IRS applications that assist them in meeting their tax responsibilities. With over 30 million registered users and growing, it is one of the largest systems of its kind. Given our track record of delivering, enhancing and maintaining that system since 2010, the IRS has entrusted STP to deliver their next generation capability.