Staff Augmentation

Some businesses choose to design, develop, deploy and maintain their IT systems in-house. When your business requires additional resources to strengthen your organization or needs experts to fill skills gaps, STP will provide you with experienced personnel that are ready to hit the ground running. Our employees are available to you on either atemporary or long-term basis.

Trusted Staff Working Within the United States

We understand how important it is to maintain a safe and professional workplace. We also understand how important your intellectual property is. This is why STP employees are subjected to an extensive background investigation and must work within the United States. STP personnel are also required to complete annual training on company and customer policies. Our people have a long and successful history of performing within secure environments. For the past 15 years, the Federal Government has trusted us with their sensitive data and information. Over 150 STP staff members have received government clearances to support critical projects. 

Your IT Experts are Chosen and Supported By Our IT Experts

Each STP employee is thoroughly vetted by our team of architects, engineers, developers and subject matter experts. By having our most seasoned talent perform the evaluations, we are able to hire the most knowledgeable, capable and experienced people. Once hired, all STP staff have access to and support from over 50 highly skilled industry professionals. 

Our Senior People are Truly Senior

Some companies pass off entry or mid-level personnel as senior. At STP we understand that there is no substitute for experience gained from doing the work over many years. Our current team of senior IT professionals average over 28 years of experience. When doing a job that requires expert skills, we will only provide you with accomplished personnel. 

We Take Care of Our People

When you decide to augment your team with staff from outside your organization, you expect those resources will be there as long as you need them. STP understands how important this is to the continuity of your business and consistency of the product you deliver. In an industry as highly competitive as IT is to attract and keep the best of the best, STP provides a full suite of valuable benefits to our employees. Our benefit plans are designed to support the health and welfare of our employees and their families. From comprehensive healthcare, retirement and generous paid leave, STP offers benefits that keep people working for you.